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    im体育网页版’s prides itself on being a diverse community with boarding students from over 30个国家 who, along with their American peers, call im体育网页版’s “home.” In addition to our diverse resident student population, im体育网页版's offers the 国际学士学位 Programme and is a member of the world-renowned 圆形广场组织. 2022届毕业生, 83% were admitted to a college ranked in the top 100 National Universities and Liberal 艺术 Colleges.

    Application and Enrollment Requirements for International 学生s Seeking F-1 Visas 
    • 日期或寄宿状态:  学生s attending im体育网页版’s School as a day student must reside with one or both parents, 一个阿姨, 叔叔或祖父母, within commuting distance for the entire academic year.  If living with 一个阿姨, uncle or grandparent, that family member must be a Court Appointed Guardian.  学生s with immediate family members living outside of commuting distance are required to attend as a boarding student.
    • 寄宿家庭: 学生s are not permitted to live with a host family.
    • 当地的联系: All international students are required to have a local emergency contact on file. The emergency contact needs to have a US address and be available for in case of an emergency or disciplinary action.
    • 应用程序: International applicants follow the same application process as domestic students.
    • 英语水平:  If English is not a student’s first language, an English Proficiency Test score from IELTS (雅思英语语言测试),托福(托福考试服务中心.org)或Duolingo (Duolingo英语考试)是必需的. 
    • 采访: 学生 & parent Interviews are conducted in person or through Zoom after the student’s application has been submitted.
    • 学费(2022 - 23):65530美元
    • Matriculation: $1,000 (one-time fee only)
    • 学费 Insurance: Approximately 1.15%的学费
    • Health insurance: approximately $1,500
    • 书籍:每学期200- 300美元
    • Travel (to and from school during holidays): Varies
    • 消费:最低500美元
    学生 Visa (F1) Applicants (K-12):
    1. Once a student has been accepted and completed the enrollment process, please submit to our Office of 入学:
    • Copy of the photo page of your passport;
    • Copy of your official birth certificate (translated into English);
    • “Letter of financial support” (which is an official document translated into English demonstrating your family’s ability to pay our school tuition)
    *these documents may be sent to us electronically at admission@saintandrews.网
    1. Once we receive the required documents listed above, im体育网页版’s School will create a Form I-20, “Certificate of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant Status” for you. The I-20 is a paper record of the information entered in the SEVIS database and is required to proceed with your F-1 学生 Visa application. 
    1. When you receive your I-20 from us, please visit the website, http://studyinthestates.国土安全部.gov /, which will guide you through the steps necessary to complete the visa application process. 这些步骤包括:
    • Paying the I-901 SEVIS fee of $350 (;
    • As soon as the I-901 SEVIS fee is paid, making an appointment at 美国 Embassy or Consulate nearest to you in the country in which you live for your visa interview
    International 学生 Registration Procedures for Athletic Participation 
    As a member of the 佛罗里达 High School Athletic Association (FHSAA), im体育网页版’s School is required to submit required documentation for all international students wanting to participate in interscholastic activities. 学生s may not participate until this information has been submitted to the FHSAA for approval. 

    1. Copy of student’s original passport or original birth certificate (including translation if necessary) or U.S. 签证或U.S. 永久居民卡;
    2. Copy of F-1 Eligibility Certificate (Form I-20 A-B);
    3. Copy of original official transcripts from the school(s) in the foreign country, in the original language (un-translated), of grades since entering the 8th grade (or its equivalent);
    4. Copy of translation of original language transcripts



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